Why Cutlets

Started in 2013, we are here to serve you only with the finest, freshest wagyu, with the best service in Jakarta. We aim to meat your expectation by providing exceptional taste on every cut and marbling selection.

As meat lovers, we embarked on this adventure because we found fewer and fewer places that could meet our expectations when it comes to offering quality meat. To us, selecting a cut of meat requires the same high standards as when a wine connoisseur chooses a bottle of wine. This means no compromising and always expecting the best. Then we thought there must be others out there who are just like us, those who seek a meatnificent taste.

Such is the dream that led to Cutlets, where we provide you with excellent selections of ready-to-cook, high quality wagyu.  Our wagyu are imported from the World’s famous wagyu producers in Australia.

We understand that life in a modern & bustling city requires easy and quality dining. We believe that our premium quality wagyu can play a role in your busy days. Because of its natural  flavorfulness, cooking is quick and easy. All you need is to use a quick sear cooking techniques with a small sprinkle of salt and pepper. No special equipment needed. Just use a preheated pan you already have at home. Voila!! You will easily get a delicate and tasteful cut of juicy steak ready to eat. You and your dinner guests will be impressed and delighted.

The quality of freshness and hygiene is always maintained. Our wagyu are kept chilled to the appropriate temperature between -3⁰C to 2⁰C and are delivered in a vacuum packaging.

We make sure that every bite you take, there is a meatnificient taste from our meattastic product.

Wagyu Selection

Literally, “Wagyu” means “Japanese Cow”. This breed of cattle has unique texture characteristic of intense meat marbling that enhances flavour and tenderness. The higher the score of marbling the more tender and delicious the wagyu. A truly one of a kind culinary experience. On top of that, special breeding technique used for wagyu cows is resulting meat with high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat which is good for your health. As the only fine wagyu meat shop in Jakarta, we are proud to offer you our specially selected wagyu meat from Australia’s renowned and award-winning brands such as Sher Wagyu, Tajima, Niksan, and Shiro Kin. We have numerous cuts and marble score for you to choose from, to fulfill your cooking and dining needs. Please contact us to request our price list and we will email it to you along with order and delivery terms and conditions.

Order Our Wagyu


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* We will email you the invoice as soon as we receive your order.
* Order and payment must be received at least 2 (two) days before the delivery date.

Cooking Our Wagyu

Cooking steak is as easy as making sunny side up eggs. Prove it yourself in your own kitchen!
Here are easy steps to cook a 1,5 cm thick of wagyu steak.


  1. Sprinkle your unfrozen wagyu with salt and pepper both sides according to your preference.


  1. Heat the pan and wait until it starts to smoke. This means the pan is ready for cooking.


  1. Gently place the wagyu in the hot pan and begin to sear it. Please treat your wagyu delicately.


  1. Cook your wagyu for 2 to 3 minutes to get medium well doneness per side before turning down the heat. Flip it only once.


  1. Before your wagyu is fully cooked, remove it from the hot pan and let it rest for at least 3 minutes.


  1. Your steak is ready to eat!!

Cooking Wagyu With KokikuTV



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