Cooking Our Wagyu

Cooking steak is as easy as making sunny side up eggs. Prove it yourself in your own kitchen!
Here are easy steps to cook a 1,5 cm thick of wagyu steak.


  1. Sprinkle your unfrozen wagyu with salt and pepper both sides according to your preference.


  1. Heat the pan and wait until it starts to smoke. This means the pan is ready for cooking.


  1. Gently place the wagyu in the hot pan and begin to sear it. Please treat your wagyu delicately.


  1. Cook your wagyu for 2 to 3 minutes to get medium well doneness per side before turning down the heat. Flip it only once.


  1. Before your wagyu is fully cooked, remove it from the hot pan and let it rest for at least 3 minutes.


  1. Your steak is ready to eat!!

Cooking Wagyu With KokikuTV