Wagyu Selection

Literally, “Wagyu” means “Japanese Cow”. This breed of cattle has unique texture characteristic of intense meat marbling that enhances flavour and tenderness. The higher the score of marbling the more tender and delicious the wagyu. A truly one of a kind culinary experience. On top of that, special breeding technique used for wagyu cows is resulting meat with high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat which is good for your health. As the only fine wagyu meat shop in Jakarta, we are proud to offer you our specially selected wagyu meat from Australia’s renowned and award-winning brands such as Sher Wagyu, Tajima, Niksan, and Shiro Kin. We have numerous cuts and marble score for you to choose from, to fulfill your cooking and dining needs. Please contact us to request our price list and we will email it to you along with order and delivery terms and conditions.